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26horses Is Now Hiring

26horses is now accepting resumes. Only interesting resumes will get replies due to high submissions.

New 26horses Game Browser

I spent my holiday break developing a piece of software that will house all games developed by 26horses. Its pretty sweet. Its a lot like Blizzards game launcher. It works on Windows and Mac right now. I'm currently having issues with Linux. I will get it figured out though. So no sweat you Linux junkies. Players will be able to keep up to date with 26horses news as well from with in the browser.

Ancient Rings Character Screen

Working on the Character Select Screen. Players will be able to play as The Traitor(Jaffa), Captian(Tau'ri Soldier), Tokra and Thor(Asgard). I'm working on the transport ring right now. So its not as polished yet. The Asgard will probably be a hologram. I'm also going to come back ever so often and keep adding more AI for the background of this scene so its super nice.

System Lords New Version

It took 6 months to finish the port to Unity even though I figured it would take only 2. It has much improved mechanics and new features. Its also now available as a download on Android and IOS. In the future it will be a downloadable game to your computer. After I hear some feed back from everyone I will adjust the new version according. So just sit tight. You can still play the old version until this new version is fully able.

Asgard Mother Ship Being Made

Games can't be made with out a good Modeler person :) Here is a video of Fred Mantel constructing a ship from scratch in blender. If you ever need any modeling work you can reach Fred at

Ancient Squadron is now Greenlit on Steam

Thanks to everyone who help vote Ancient Squadron to be on Steam. This game is being changed quite a bit. I will be focusing more on Ancient Rings for a while. Ancient Squadron was originally going to be a MMO but now its being changed to a smaller game and all the MMO ideas for Ancient Squadron is being introduced in Ancient Rings. I know its all been confusing. So Ancient Rings will be the big MMO and Ancient Squadron will be pushed back to be more of just a fighter game. I felt like a MMO controlling a ship was going to be a bit boring but with it being in Ancient Rings will you control a character and can own ships. That will be way more interesting of a game.