Recent News

Starting out in Ancient Rings

My original plan was to keep world puzzles in 3rd person but as you can see in this video its not going to work out well. So i'll be adding a close up camera view for the puzzles that need it. Also you'll notice the female and male selection for each character. The Asgard stays the same as a joke.

The recent kick starter was a great success

We'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of the donors that contributed to the kick starter and helped to make all of this possible.

Camping Character On Ancient Rings

I'm moving towards finalizing the 2 weapons for each of the 4 playable characters. So I'll be showing off the playable weapons pretty soon.

Character Dancing

Whats a stargate game with out some dancing

Inventory System

Finishing up the inventory for the game.


Players will be able to collect all sorts of different items in the game for trade skills.

Ancient Rings Game Play Details

Trade Skills are will be in the game

Asgard shield

Hard at work with shields

Enemies You Will Face

Soldiers of Ra will be a bit more dangerous

Asgard Ship Above Nekkar

Adventure to the fullest