Enemies You Will Face

Jaffa will be a bit more dangerous then you remember from the series. They will be a lot more like the movie as in strength. They are set as a medium strength character. So taking on a group of them will be heavy on a player. They will mainly pursue you with firing their staff weapon but if you frustrate them or prolong their demise they will meet you in hand to hand combat which you do not want. They're able to deliver heavy blows with their staff in melee combat specially while they run full throttle at you. Most shields in the game can only protect you against fast moving objects so there will be no protection for when one of these guys challenges you face to face. I'm still considering rather to give them the charge attack bonus though. An Unas for example will have that. Jaffa, Unas and other certain types of mobs you will encounter on the many worlds you explore can also have a chance of second life. Meaning they will be able to come back to life and who knows maybe you will run into some bad luck and he will get up a 3rd or even 4th time as well.