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Players can now have up to 40 planets

With the planet max increase players can now earn naqahdah much faster than before.

Now available for Android and IOS

Its been a long time coming but the game is now native to mobile platforms

Moderators have been elected

With a ton of thought. It has been decided to allow moderators to help keep the game environment clean.


System Lords is a very unique game that is filled with a ton of strategy. Each planet has its own unique gate address. Players can choose to use ships or fight through the massive extensive gate network that exists throughout the galaxy. The possibilities are almost endless to how you wish to rule your planets and over every single human being you own. System Lords is designed around the concept that 'you are a GOD and no one should rule over you!’ It is encouraged to take on this personality when you play the game. This isn't just a game you play, it's your new life that you will set for yourself in this vast galaxy where you will spread word of your existence to every planet across the galaxy! Half of the planets in the galaxy have a Stargate on it with a unique Stargate address. Players can choose to attack through the Stargate or attack by ship. The galaxy is huge and is broken up into many sectors. There are 6 stars to a sector and all star locations have a real distance between stars with distance calculated in light years. The map engine allows you to scroll across the galaxy where you can watch and track ships moving across the galaxy on the map in real time.

Game Content

The Furlings

Learn the background story of an ancient race

Black Holes

Create black holes in systems to suck planets into them

2014 Trailer

This was the first promotional trailer that was made