Asgard Bot

The Quest engine took quite a bit of work actually and also the mini map too. The two had a lot to do with each other. Mini map will guide you through your quests. I really needed to make sure I built a really nice infrastructure for the obvious reasons. Decided to post a video of what I'm working on today. Working on getting the Asgard bot to teleport with the character. The rain system is still in early stages. I haven't really messed with it yet. Its low priority atm. I'm working on Abilities and then completely finishing the first planet as in quests and content. There is a lot of final stuff now. One is each level you move up on your character you will get to spend a point on a ability window. Each of the 4 characters will have their own abilities. I also already have the next two characters figured out that will be released later on. The Bounty Hunter and a low tech guy. Kinda like the guy we see on Cimmeria with the huge axe. I think it be cool to have a low tech guy as a playable character as well. Makes things more dynamic and fun. My main focus is to make each character unique from each other. There will only be one faction. Taking on two factions at the beginning will just be to much work for me. I would like to later let people be evil.