Ancient Rings

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Begin an adventure that will make you wanting more! Several people escaped from earth through the stargate while earth was under siege by an unknown enemy. With the alpha site destroyed as well. Their only hope was to escape to a planet where Earth was last excavating for naqahdah. Besides the dreadful news of having to leave their home planet. A sun flare caused the entire survival of humanity expedition to be sent back in time a few 1000 years. While cut off from earth and trapped in another time. The travelers must figure out a way to contact the Asgard to aid in sending them back to their time line. The crew are well equipped but limited on supplies. They manage to bring a few puddle jumpers, a couple light armor vehicles and brave soldiers to defend them selves against any enemies they may encounter. The group needs heroes to step forward and exert them selves by traveling through the great ancient ring to explore the galaxy in search for hope and answers.

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